About company

Olaine town, located at 20 kilometers from Riga is considered to be the Centre of the chemical industry of Latvia, and BIOLAR chemical plant is the largest enterprise in Olaine. Plant's territory is almost 200 thousand square meters and the total construction area equals to more than 70 thousand square meters.

The plant was created on the base of the State research and manufacturing association "biolar" that performed fundamental scientific researches and produced tens of thousands of names of various chemical reagents and highly purified materials for more than 30 years. Today veterans that stood at the origins of the BIOLAR are working alongside young highly-qualified specialists. In May 2012, the BIOLAR Plant celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Currently, using many years of experience, the BIOLAR Company specializes in experimental developments in chemistry, production of technologically sophisticated chemicals, intermediate materials for the paint and coatings industry, and also produces ready-made paint and varnish materials of various applications, and construction, automobile, and household chemical goods.

Company has extensive storage facilities: warehouses for raw materials and finished products, equipped with everything necessary for safe storing of flammable liquids, and also customs warehouses. Company has its own road and railway sidings.

Several laboratories are operating at the plant.

- Research laboratory develops new types of chemical materials.

- Separate specialized laboratory conducts researches in the field of organic synthesis of paint and varnish materials.

- Analytical laboratory carries out constant control of raw materials and finished products.

Company successfully implements the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

BIOLAR Company strategy aims to provide the Latvian and foreign markets with high quality products, developed in accordance with the best traditions of Latvian chemical industry, modern needs and demands of consumers.

BIOLAR Plant supplies its products to Baltic States, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, as well as to Turkey, China, India, Argentina, Brazil, and other countries.

Company is evolving dynamically. New technologies are being adopted and the range of products is expanding. Introduction of new products and an active market policy provide a steady growth of production output.