Exterior paint


Exterior paint. Intended for concrete, rock, grinded, and other mineral surfaces. Can be used for painting on primed metal surfaces.


Surface must be clean, without any grease, dirt, moss and fungus. Porous layer of the surface, which is weakly bound with base, must be removed till solid basis, cracks must be cleaned and primed with putty for exterior work. Previously painted surfaces should be cleaned from old flaking coating with metal brush. Rough surface should be puttied.


Absortive mineral surfaces should be primed with LARAKRILS BASE. Metal surfaces must be primed with LARAPRIM.


Before using the paint it should be thoroughly stirred. If it is necessary than paint can be diluted with a solvent. Paint need to be applied in 1-2 layers with intermidiate drying of each layer for no less than 16 hours. For obtaining uniformed matte coating during the work it is necessary to stir the paint. Work tools should be cleaned with a solvent.


Binder Alkyd
Solvent White-spirit
Gloss level Matt
Color Wide range of colors
Work tools Brush, paint roller, paint sprayer
Consumption (for 1 layer) 1 l/ 5-7 m2
Drying time at a temperature +20°C and 50% RH 3 hours
Package 1 l; 3 l; 20 l
Storage 12 months, cold place. Cold resistant


S2: Keep out of the reach of children.

S23: Do not inhale spray.

S24/25: Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

S46: If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.


Contains white-spirit.

R10: Flammable.

R65: Harmful: may cause lung damage if swallowed.

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