Fast-dry alkyd primer. Intended for metal surface priming before it will be covered with different enamels indoor and outdoor. Also the primer is intended for temporal anticorrosive defense for large constructions in assembly time or when it is used as a storage. Fast-drying effect allows enamel coating applying after 2 hours from applying the primer. Good in covering.


Surface should be dry, without grease, dirt and rust. Previously painted surfaces should be cleaned from old vanish flaking layers. It can be done with sandpaper or paint stripper LARAFĒNS.


Before using the primer it should be stirred. Apply in 1-2 layers. Work tools should be cleaned with solvent.

Binder Alkyd resin
Solvent Xylol, solvent
Gloss level Matt
Color Wide range of colors
Work tools Brush, paint roller, paint spray
Consumption (for 1 layer) 1 l / 8-10 m2
Drying time at a temperature +20°C and 50% RH against dust/ full drying 30 minutes / 50 minutes
Package 1л; Зл; 20л
Storage 12 months, cold place. Cold resistant.



S2 Keep out of the reach of children.

S25 Avoid contact with eyes.

S51 Use only in well-ventilated areas.


Contains xylol.

R10 Flammable.

R20/21 Harmful by inhalation and in contact with skin.

R38 Irritating to skin. 

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