Fast-dry half-matt water soluble paint for interior works. Intended for living and public room wall and celling painting. Used for finishing primed, concrete and brick surfaces, and other tile materials. The paint forms a coating with high resistance to washing.


Surface should be dry, without grease and dirt. Previously painted surfaces should be cleaned from old vanish flaking layers with sandpaper. Shining surface, if it is possible, should be polished till it became matt and thoroughly cleaned.


Porous and highly absorbent surfaces should be processing with impregnating primer DISP BASE. For priming the surface can be used DISP 20, diluted with water till 25% from the paint volume. Rough surface should be puttied.


Before using the paint it should be thoroughly stirred and diluted with water, if it is necessary. Paint need to be applied in 1-2 layers. Work tools should be washed by the water.

Solvent Water
Degree and system Tintorama/rpynna 2, BIOLAR MIX
Work tools Brush, paint roller, paint sprayer
Consumption (for 1 layer) 1 l/ 6-8 m2
Drying time at a temperature +20°C and 50% RH 2 hours
Package 1l; 2,5l; 4,5l; 9,5l
Storage 12 months at a temperature higher than 0°С

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