Two component acid-curing varnish EKO


Two component acid-curing varnish create light surface with high hardness and durability. It is intended for varnishing parquet and wooden floors in living and public rooms. Does not contain aromatic solvents, level of free formaldehyde is reduced.


Surface should be dry and clean. If there is an old varnish coating on wooden surface, then it should be removed. The surface should be grind with sandpaper till a matt and thoroughly vacuumed.


Varnish should be mixed with hardener in proportion 10:1, thoroughly stirred and left for a few minutes. While applying the varnish drafts and direct sun rays should be avoided. Apply one layer with brush or felt roller. Leave to dry, then slightly grind the surface with sandpaper and vacuum the room. Apply one or two more layers. Varnish mixed with hardener should be used during one day. Work tools should be cleaned with solvent.


Binder Carbamide and alkyd resins
Solvent 646
Work tools Brush, felt roller
Consumpsion (for 1 layer) 1l / 6-8 m2
Drying time at a temperature +20°C and 50% RH, first layer 1 hour
Surface layer 2 hours
Final hardening 1 week

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